Med Herbs Sea Salt Refill Bag

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Our Sea Salt jars were made to be refilled, that's why we now offer Sea Salt Refill Bags. Enjoy the same flavor in different packaging!

Med Herbs Flavor 

Close your eyes and smell the olive grove. In between the olive trees that produce Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Greece aromatic herbs grow free. Oregano, rosemary, mint, thyme, basil, sage, marjoram and bay leaves make this variety a dream on all your meats and pasta’s.


All flavor varieties are packed in a sealed stand up pouch and contain 100 grams of sea salt. All flavored salts have a valve to smell the aroma and spices. Each flavor is visually different from the other by having a unique color lining matching the flavor. Blue for Pure, yellow for Citrus, green for Med Herbs, red for Capers & Tomato, light yellow for vanilla and brown for Smoked. 

How it's made 

Neolea hand harvested sea salt comes from the Greek seas. Instead of using more traditional ways of letting seawater into an inlet and having the water evaporate, our salt is harvested from the rocks near the sea. This keeps the salt pure and adds nutritional minerals. Learn more

Discover all flavors 

Our range consists of Pure, Citrus, Med Herbs, Capers & Tomato, Vanilla and Smoked infused sea salt.

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