Olive Oil & Salt

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Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Our oil is extracted from Koroneiki olives, also known as ‘the Queen of Olives’, small in size but superior in flavour and healthy nutrients. The olives trees grow surrounded by wild aromatic plants such as oregano, thyme and sage and are grown by local farmers in the Messinia region, Greece. 

Those who innovate, create history

We commit to making sure Neolea is always as fresh as possible. An early harvest, hypermodern extraction methods, tanks without any oxygen, bottling-on-demand and a bottle that shields its contents from UV light ensure unparalleled taste all year round.

Out of this
world taste

Ultimate smoothness and a rich aromatic profile create the foundation for the unmistakable Neolea flavor experience in our olive oil. Notes of olive leaves, green herbs, freshly cut grass, green tomatoes and artichoke create a unique complexity that really creates the difference. 

Rich in anti-oxidants

The Koroneiki olive is extremely healthy as it is rich in polyphenols (anti-oxidants) which help the body fight inflammation and can even have anti-aging effects. Our extraction methods are uniquely designed and preserve these high levels of phenolic acid, making Neolea one of the healthiest olive oils in the world.

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Sea Salt

Salt helped us survive on long journeys when we were discovering the world as it helped preserve food long enough in times when refrigerators were not around. Above all salt is the only ingredient that is used in all cultures around the world and it is the one ingredient that impacts the flavor more than any other.

Now that doesn’t make salt redundant, it makes salt one of the most important things in the world not just worth our attention but worth getting it right, and that’s why we developed Neolea hand harvested Sea Salt and we didn’t stop there, we developed four unique flavors to turn each of your kitchen adventures into a culinary masterpiece. 

Hand Harvested from the Aegean Sea

Our hand harvested Sea Salt comes from the Greek seas, among the cleanest seas in the world. Instead of using more traditional ways of letting seawater into an inlet and having the water evaporate, our salt is hand harvested directly from the rocks near the sea.

As nature
intended salt

Harvesting from the rocks keeps the salt pure and adds nutritional minerals. We stay away from using machines as much as possible to keep the flakes in the irregular, natural shape. This improves both the cooking- as well as the dining experience as the whole dish does not become too salty but instead adds a salty bite every now and then.

A salt for every dish

Our salt line is designed from the principle it should add the right flavor to every dish, which is why we made 6 different flavors. Obviously there is a Pure edition. Four editions contain a mix of salt, fruits and vegetables while the Smoked edition has undergone an innovative production process. Whether you’re making a dessert, a nice piece of fish or roasted vegetables, there is now a perfect salt for all. 

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4 reasons why sea salt is healthy


Source of minerals

Did you know that high-quality sea salt has 84 trace minerals that nourish and strengthen our body?



Sea salt is a great source of electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. 


Good for Skin

There are many beauty products that use sea salt, because it has the power to detoxify the skin.


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