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Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% pure and fresh. Made out of Koroneiki olives, which are hand-picked by our farmers in the south of Greece. Our new Balsamic Vinegar made from 70% cooked grape must and 30% red wine vinegar is naturally sweet and rich in antioxidants. This unique ratio creates a rich and complex sweetness. Together they make the perfect tastemaker combination.

The everlasting bubble

Take a 300 years old method, combine it with nearly forgotten Greek grape varieties and you get.. Something extraordinary. Something new. For the first time we're combining champagne style luxury with the modern, minimal look and feel of Neolea.

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Sea Salt

Neolea hand harvested Sea Salt comes from the Greek seas. Instead of using more traditional ways of letting seawater into an inlet and having the water evaporate, our salt is harvested from the rocks near the sea. This keeps the salt pure and adds nutritional minerals.

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Sea Salt
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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