Chefs Box

We blijven allemaal even thuis en dat maken wij makkelijker, lekkerder én leuker! Met iedere box koop je een toegangscode voor een uniek livestream optreden van Krystl, zo kan de muziek ook gewoon doorgaan!

What if one pinch could create the difference?

New in store: Hand Harvested Sea Salt

Cheers to you.

You are the ones who feel the ticking of your heartbeats before the ticking of a clock. The ones who taste life in every bite you take, hear the music in every step you make. You don't follow because you have to, you lead because you can. I am your fan. 

You break out of the daily race to look straight into the sun. Dancing to your own drums. Yum Yum Yum. Because you know that the only rule in life is that there are no rules for life.                                       

Sure and Pure, you let it be. You are you and you are me. Time is not to waste. You and I? We don't eat. We taste. 

A healthy outside starts inside
No one likes a diet, but a Mediterranean lifestyle sounds pretty good!
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Meet our 250ml bottle
New in our product range: Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml.
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5 reasons why high quality EVOO is extremely good
Most of you already know that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is one of the healthiest fats to use in the kitchen.
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Extracting a natural beauty
Nature will provide the magic, it's our job to extract it as purely as possible.
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