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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive oil is a pure and fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is made out of Koroneiki olives, which are hand-picked by our farmers in the south of Greece. Straight from the olive grove into the bottle.


Discover our Cuvée Spéciale, a white sparkling with notes of green apple and peach and our Cuvée Rosé, with its fruity explosion of strawberry and raspberry.

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Sparkling Wine

Neolea Sparkling Wines are quality cuvées made by traditional champenoise method in Greece. Our cuvées are extra brut and have a fine bubble with a long aftertaste.

The perfect gift

The Neolea Giftbox will enable every home chef to give even more taste to their favorite dishes while spicing up their kitchen skills with our must have hack booklet. 

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Sea Salt

Neolea hand harvested Sea Salt comes from the Greek seas. Instead of using more traditional ways of letting seawater into an inlet and having the water evaporate, our salt is harvested from the rocks near the sea. This keeps the salt pure and adds nutritional minerals.

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Sea Salt
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won several golden awards over the years