About Us

Taste comes first

Second is inspiring design that reminds you to enjoy great taste and take the time to indulge in it. Perhaps even take a moment to describe what it is you’re tasting to add to the experience?

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Welcome to Neolea

We are producers of modern Mediterranean products which all started with extra virgin olive oil back in 2013. Next we added hand harvested sea salt infused with organic herbs, spices and fruit and this year we introduced our biodynamic Greek sparkling wines. 

We’re not a premium brand, we just believe in products of premium quality that have the power to change your mood just by looking at them. We respect authenticity and challenge it where necessary. It’s our ultimate goal to give you the best and most fresh products possible. As they were meant to be. 

“We look. We see.We hear. We listen. We eat. We taste. “

Today’s world needs transparency, freshness, inspiring design and above all else an unlimited commitment to great taste. That’s what connects people and creates happiness. And happy people? Can do anything they put their minds to. 

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