Cheers to you

We are gadget freaks and foodies, interior designers and chefs. We create irresistible Mediterranean products that change your mood just by looking at it.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is a mindset in which enjoying the best things in life becomes a priority and you can adopt it no matter where you live. We make time instead of trying to find it. We feel inspired to cook instead of having to cook.

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The Neo fundamental

Quality as a mindset
Loyalty isn’t complicated. Just give people an irresistible experience. We care more about quality than anything else. Price will always be a factor but the future lies with boutique quality made scalable.

Dress to impress
There are products that remind you that you need to cook and then there are products that make you want to throw a dinner party and impress your friends. We love bold design to stand out and make you say ‘wow’ even before tasting our products.

Re-inventing authenticity
The best way to preserve authenticity is to re-invent it. Too many mediterranean F&B products have looked and tasted the same for too long. Whether it’s sourcing, production, flavor or design, we look to innovate and stand out.

Around the globe

We are open to do business around the world but have a key focus on Northern America and Western Europe. We harvest in Greece, we market in Amsterdam and we ship to the world B2B, D2C.

Through retailers, restaurants, food service providers and distributors, we’re fueling the fire of thousands who taste life in its purest form, not restricted by any rules.

Together with you we connect with people and to do so, we’re giving you something to talk about. Because you and I? We don't eat. We taste. 

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