Zusammenarbeit mit Voets Specialiteiten


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Cooperation with Voets Specialiteiten

Since 1 September 2019, Neolea has started a collaboration with Voets Specialiteiten. Neolea will be included in the Neolea product range immediately. This cooperation means a joining of forces with which Neolea aims to further improve its service and distribution. 

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Bart Jan Manten, founder of Neolea is very happy with this new collaboration: 'We want to make Neolea even more personal and really make Neolea a success in your store together. To achieve this, we opened our office in Amsterdam this year and now we have found a partner in Voets who shares exactly that ambition with us'.

Neolea and Voets will jointly pursue market opportunities and Voets will also be involved in developing new Neolea products and offering them in the Dutch market.

For questions, please contact your account manager at Neolea and/or Voets Specialiteiten.