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Broccoli steaks with capers and tomato sea salt

Brokkoli-Steaks mit Kapern und Tomaten-Meersalz

It’s such a simple trick, but just by cutting it differently than you normally do, you can make broccoli the star of the show in this simple, healthy veggie dish paired with smoked sea salt. Ingred...

Peaches, basil and lime and chili marinated feta

Pfirsiche, Basilikum und mit Limette und Chili marinierter Feta

I once had basil flavored ice cream in a high-end restaurant, it came served in a perfect quenelle, balanced above a blushing peach half and topped with lime zest. It was incredible. That was the b...

Warm freekeh porridge with cardamom and coconut

Warmer Freekeh-Brei mit Kardamom und Kokosnuss

Freekeh grains lend a new and exciting texture to your early morning bowl of porridge. Like regular porridge, the freekeh is cooked in water and then stirred through coconut milk and cardamom. The ...

Charred leeks with citrus salt and harissa yoghurt

Gekochter Lauch mit Zitrussalz und Harissa-Joghurt

These sweet, smoky, melt-in-your-mouth leeks could not be easier to make at home or on the barbecue and are a real showstopper of a dish. The mix of sweet roasted leeks, with the zingy citrus and ...

Spicy nuts with smoked sea salt

Pikante Nüsse mit geräuchertem Meersalz

A simple tip to make a moreish snack and jazz up the nuts that you have sitting in your kitchen cupboard. This recipe has a spicy kick, and the smokiness is a surprising combination. Make sure to e...

Mid-summer Gazpacho with Smoked Sea salt

Hochsommer-Gazpacho mit Kapern und Tomaten-Meersalz

Gazpacho is the ultimate summers day dish. The ice cold, red soup, so unassuming in appearance is bursting with summer flavors. All of the ingredients are raw, meaning the soup has to be perfectly ...