Valentine's Day Tip

Valentine's Day Tip

The familiar saying goes: “Home is where the heart is.” With that in mind, why venture elsewhere for Valentine’s Day? While some may hustle for dinner reservations and plan costly getaways, you can unwind and savor a romantic evening in the embrace of your own home. Whether you’re hosting Valentine’s Day in your home in Minneapolis, MN, an apartment in Des Moines, IA, or turning your cozy abode into a heartwarming retreat in any other part of the country, the key is to commit to doing something thoughtful. For those in search of inspiration, check out this Redfin article we were featured in for 8 Romantic Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day at Home.

See our Valentine's Day tip below:

Arguably, one of the most romantic types of food is Mediterranean, so why not indulge in something that involves pasta, cheese, or bread for your special day?

 “Make Valentine’s Day most memorable by diving into the art of cooking together with your loved one, a practice deeply rooted in the Mediterranean way of life,” explains Felicia Rajnoch brand manager at Neolea, specializing in Mediterranean food products. “Create your dishes with pure and fresh ingredients, adding a generous sprinkle of love. With your favorite music playing, candles casting a warm glow, all that’s left is to savor the moment. Seeking recipe inspiration? Try this amazing focaccia recipe.”


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