Inspired by Ikaria: Secrets of the Blue Zones

Inspired by Ikaria: Secrets of the Blue Zones

Last week, the Neolea team embarked on a shared Netflix journey, tuning in to episode 3 of "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones". Our destination: Ikaria, Greece, a place where life stretches longer and richer than the ordinary. For the uninitiated, Blue Zones are the mystical corners of the world where time seems to stand still, and folks enjoy a remarkably extended stay on this earthly stage.


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Extending life is intriguing, but living it fully and joyfully matters even more. Mere existence doesn't cut it; we crave a life well-lived. And here's the revelation: how you spend your time plays a pivotal role in the quantity and quality of it. Many of us thought these Blue Zones might have secret ingredients like perfect weather or pristine air. Yet, reality shattered that myth. The awe-inspiring truth? Blue Zones can be cultivated, common threads can be woven into our lives, and it's not all about organic veggies or daily gym sessions. These lessons resonated deeply with us, echoing our core values. Inspiration is a currency worth sharing. No spoilers here; we invite you to watch the show. And when you're touched, tell us what hit home, and join us in spreading the inspiration. Together, we can rewrite our own Blue Zones story.  Watch it here on Netflix. 


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