Die Frühernte

The Gold Edition


Winner Great Taste Awards 2021
Balsamic Vinegar: A Balanced Flavor

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The Early Harvest

Each year we celebrate the new harvest by bottling 1000 bottles with the first fresh olive oil of the season. On the very first day of extraction our oil is extra green, peppery and very grassy. Wild flavors with up to double the amount of antioxidants. This is a flavour that every (home)chef should experience at least once.

The Early Harvest is a limited edition which comes in a newly designed box. Don't miss out and order yours now!

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Incredible Taste

The taste of our limited edition olive oil is raw and wild. Discover grassy and aromatic flavors that come with a big punch of spiciness and bitter notes. It truly is nothing like any other olive oil you ever tasted. What’s also pretty special about the early harvest is the super bright green color. It makes you wonder how that’s even possible.


The olives used for our super early harvest are picked when they are barely ripe. This results in bold flavors and extra health benefits but it also means there is a lower yield or produce of olive oil per olive. Because this is not something you can do all year round we could only make 1000 bottles containing this special oil. That’s what makes the early harvest olive oil special and exclusive.

Extraordinary Healthy

Ultra fresh olive oil is extremely healthy for you. The barely ripe olives can contain double the amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants capture free radicals, these are aggressive substances that can cause damage to cells and tissues.

Furthermore, our early harvest extra virgin olive oil is also even more rich in vitamin E and K which are, among other things, beneficial for bone metabolism.

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Product image