Neolea Announces Transition in General Management

Neolea Announces Transition in General Management

Amsterdam, December 12

Neolea Holding B.V. is pleased to announce that effective January 1st, 2024, Daan Tolk will assume the role of CEO, succeeding the current CEO & Founder Bart Jan Manten, whose dedication and leadership have propelled Neolea to its current success.

During the past decade, Neolea has grown from a simple concept to a thriving business under the guidance of a passionate and exceptionally talented team. Together, they have inspired countless individuals worldwide to embrace the pleasures of life, food, and cooking. The outgoing CEO expressed deep pride in the shared achievements and a staunch belief in the value of embracing change for long-term growth.

In the last five years, Daan Tolk has played a pivotal role in transforming Neolea into a more professional and efficient organisation, leading to substantial growth. As he assumes the position of General Manager, the company aims to adopt a more commercial and well-structured approach to day-to-day operations while maintaining its core values. Neolea believes this shift will further propel the creation of value for customers globally.

Bart Jan will remain actively involved in supporting Daan's strategic decisions and continue part-time engagement with Neolea's Greek subsidiary. This involvement will focus on managing producer relationships and executing a strategic plan designed to ensure the future viability of Neolea's production.

"I’m confident that Daan is the right guy for the job to take Neolea to the next level. As our business grows it becomes increasingly important to focus on efficiency and structural organisation with a strong focus on commerce. This change represents exactly that." - Manten

Neolea looks forward to the continued growth and innovation under Daan's stewardship. The transition represents a significant milestone in the company's journey and opens up exciting possibilities for Neolea's future.

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