The Sparkling Quality

Traditional method meets modern mediterranean

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Forgotten grapes

Although Greek wines are often considered new world wines, it’s heritage tells a different story. Over the years many varieties were planted as Greek wine production evolved. Only in recent years cultivation is reaching back to its roots rediscovering unique ancient varieties such as Xinomavro, Assyrtiko and Limniona that are used for the Neolea wines.

By traditional method

The fine bubble is created by second fermentation in the bottle. After minimum aging of 15 months on the lees, every bottle is turned about 90 - 120 times by hand - the bottles are disgorged one by one. Next to creating a fine, everlasting bubble the champenoise process produces the wonderful brioche flavor. 

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From Amyndeon

Located 650m above sea level at the Amyndeon plateau in the far North-west of Greece, the winery knows a semi continental climate. Cold winters and hot dry summers with cool nights give our wines their expressive acidity.

Bio-dynamic & organic

The full production process is in total harmony with nature which is about using natural ways to put back into the earth what we take from it.

The grapes are certified organic. External inputs like fertilisers are avoided or minimized. The process of certification is in progress and will be visible on the label of the 2020 vintage.

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