Tasty and healthy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest, most tasty and healthiest category of olive oil.

The olive truly has incredible powers when it comes to producing flavour, aroma and healthy nutrients. We pay the upmost attention to detail when it comes to extracting all that goodness, so we can guarantee you that Neolea is always packed with flavour, 100% fresh and pure.

A low acidity level and cold pressed, but why does this matter to you?

A low acidity level on its own cannot be detected in taste, but it does give the olive oil a much longer shelf life. It tells us that the olives were produced, picked and pressed in the right way and time. When olive oil reaches temperatures of more than 26 °C it looses a lot of flavour & aroma and the healthy phenolic acid gets damaged. Cold pressing is therefore vital to get all that goodness into our white bottle and onto your plate.

In addition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil needs to be free from defects. If olive oil gets in contact with foreign aromas, it absorbs these aromas easily. This can be really tasty when you want to do some infusing at home, but during the extraction process it is important that only naturally present aromas and flavours are captured. Any foreign flavour or aroma present in the olive oil is considered a defect and causes the olive oil to go rancid quickly or have unpleasant flavours. That's why it is our job to keep the olive oil as virgin as possible.

Unfortunately there is a lot of olive oil on the market that is produced in a certain kind of way that hides different defects. Neolea exclusively bottles Extra Virgin Olive Oil and strict testing is done to guarantee all quality aspects of real Extra Virgin Olive Oil.