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Cheers to you.

You don’t follow because you have to, but you lead because you can. I am your fan.

You are frontrunners, epicureans - people and businesses that are making a difference with a specialty store, retail chain, food-service or distribution company. You don’t just want customers, you want fans.

Can you taste it?

Why Neolea?

Our partners see an increase in revenue in the specific categories Neolea is active in and we believe that is because:

  • We are always in search of boutique quality in a scalable way.
  • We want you to feel great about buying Neolea even before you open our products.
  • We stand out. In unique packaging and quality. Our business doesn’t end once we ship your products, it begins.

Can you see it?

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Product image

Around the globe.

We are open to do business around the world but have a key focus on Northern America and Western Europe. Through retailers, restaurants, food service providers and distributors, we’re fueling the fire of thousands who taste life in its purest form, not restricted by any rules.

Together with you we connect with people and to do so, we’re giving you something to talk about. One beat that resonates louder than all the other beats and rises above the value of any of our products even when they are recognized and awarded for their unique quality.

We hear the music in every step we take.

Can you feel it?

‘We hear the music in every step we take.’

From Greece. To the world. 

We harvest in Greece, we market in Amsterdam. We ship to the world B2B, D2C. You are you and you are me.

To ship in time we are always online. We keep stock in Greece, The Netherlands and United States.

Time is not to waste. You and I? We don’t eat.
We taste.

At Neolea we harvest authentic fine foods to our own rhythm. May it be the fuel to your own fire. May it feed your own beat.

Can you hear it?


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