Neolea Early Harvest Limited Edition Olive Oil 500ml
Neolea Early Harvest Limited Edition Olive Oil 500ml

Neolea Early Harvest Limited Edition Olive Oil 500ml

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Will you be one of the lucky people that get to enjoy our first exclusive limited edition of early harvest Neolea? We’re bottling 500 hand numbered bottles and you can get yours!

Neolea’s flavour profile can be described as fresh, aromatic and well balanced. The very first drops coming out of our olive press when harvest starts each year, are usually not for the faint hearted. Wildy unbalanced, strong bitters and a powerful spicy aftertaste is the best way to describe it. We love that wildness though and it represents a moment of celebration for us. Normally that early harvest wildness blends in with our total harvest which can take up to 3 weeks.

This year we decided to share that unique experience of tasting the very first drops of fresh harvest with you. Discover our earliest harvest yet with wild grassy and aromatic flavours that come with a punch of spiciness and bitter notes. This shows the presence of high phenolic content making this limited edition extraordinary green and healthy. 

Early harvest: November 2019 

Health Benefits

  • Ultra young olive oil is extremely healthy for you. The young olives contain double the amount of antioxidants than regular olive oil.
  • Antioxidants capture free radicals, these are aggressive substances that can cause damage to cells and tissues in unfavorable cases
  • Rich in vitamin E and K which is, among other things, beneficial for bone metabolism.

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