Olive bread


  • 500 grams of all-purpose flour or whole wheat 
  • 3  tablespoons of Neolea olive oil
  • 7 grams of dry yeast
  • 300 ml of warm water
  • teaspoon of salt
  • teaspoon of sugar 
  • 200 grams of green olives, chopped


  1. Combine the warm water, yeast and sugar. Mix so the yeast is distributed. Let it proof for 5 minutes, you know it’s ready when it looks foamy.
  2. In a big bowl combine the flour, salt, sliced olives and olive oil and mix. 
  3. Now slowly add the wet into the dry ingredients and mix until it forms into a ball. 
  4. Knead this for 5 minutes. 
  5. When it’s soft and not sticky you’re finished with kneading. Oil the bowl lightly, as well as the ball of dough.
  6. Put a tea towel to cover it and put in a warm place to let it rise for 1 and a half hours. 
  7. Take it out of the bowl, knead it again so all the air comes out.
  8. Oil the baking dish you would like to make the bread in and put the dough in. Stretch it a little zo it fits the dish. Cover again and let it rise one more time for 30 minutes.
  9. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Put the dough in after the 30 minutes, without touching it.
  10. Bake for 30-40 minutes, until it looks golden brown. It varies per oven and per baking dish you’re using.
  11. Let it cool for at least 15 minutes before slicing it.
  12. Serve with extra the best olive oil in the world and some salt.

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