Meet our 250 ml bottle

250ml olive oil

Everyone needs a family. Meet our little brother.
New in our product range: Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml.

In the past few years we have noticed an increasing demand for a size bottle between our 50 ml and 500 ml.. For some better suited to put on the dinner table, for others as a more affordable gift. We are very happy that we can now finally introduce you to our 250 ML bottle. A bottle size with which Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil can reach an even larger audience.

Unique Design
A lot of attention has gone to a new design and own identity for this size bottle. The modern, sleek but also edgy design makes the bottle a real eye-catcher in the kitchen or on your dinner table. But there’s more..

Designed for Quality
The power of our 250 ml bottle is to guarantee the quality of the olive oil. A smaller amount of olive oil preserves the taste extremely well. In this way you can continue to enjoy the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, even when you are not a large consumer.Just like our other sized bottle, the 250 ml is made of painted glass, which means that it does not transmit UV light, something that olive oil is very sensitive to. The new, innovative cap ensures optimum pouring comfort, closes perfectly to maintain quality. 

Now available in the Neolea Shop for only €11,95.