5 tips for a stress free Christmas

Be the prepared chef
Whatever it is you’re making for the holidays, try to cook a part of the dinner in advance. Find some recipes that can stay a couple of nights in the fridge or prepare food that gets even better while sitting overnight. This way you don’t have to stress in the kitchen on the festive day itself!

The important things
Focus on what’s important. Make a to do list and try to categorise what’s high on your do to list and what can be done at a later time. For example, ordering presents online should be high on your list, since shipping can take longer because of the holidays.

A helping hand
Ask your partner, kids, neighbours, family members or friend for a helping hand. Surely there will be someone willing to help you out with dinner preparations, Christmas decorating or gift shopping. It’s totally ok to ask for help and it doesn’t make you a bad host. Moreover, people love to help and get in the festive mood together.

Be a bit realistic
No one expects you to work magic, despite your grand plans, no event ever runs smoothly. This also rings true for holiday celebrations. Dinner being 30 minutes late, spilling food on your outfit, or your dog messing up the tree is not going to ruin your day. Instead, they'll create fond memories that you can reflect on in years to come.

Have a jolly good time
Have fun! Don’t forget it’s your Christmas or Holiday too. The time to spend quality time with your family and friends, enjoy each others company, eat good food and have fun. And if everything goes wrong, you always have your bottle of Neolea to spice up that recipe or give as the unique christmas gift!