5 reasons why high quality EVOO is extremely good for you

Most of you already know that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is one of the healthiest fats to use in the kitchen. Its health benefits are unrivaled and science is presenting us with new benefits almost daily. Although given a bad name due to obesity, fats are essential to our health as they can both contain and help our bodies absorb vitamins A, D, and K. Extra virgin olive oil is considered a healthy fat as it is a so called monounsaturated fat which helps to fight stress, lower mental fatigue, improve mood swings and help to control both our body weight as well as cholesterol levels.

All around the Mediterranean people are known to live healthy and long lives. Sure the nice weather and beautiful sea contributes to their happiness and health, but researchers believe it’s the Mediterranean diet that should receive most of the credits.

The olive tree is a native crop and since ancient times, most recipes both begin and end with extra virgin olive oil as an essential ingredient. In addition, it is also used in beauty and personal care products for its nutritional value. Today we’d like to introduce you to 5 health benefits of true EVOO that might surprise you.

1. Great looking skin

Extra virgin olive oil contains important fatty acids and natural antimicrobial phytochemicals also known as ursolic and oleanolic acid. Together these acids have anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent premature aging of the skin caused by inflammation. The antibacterial effects can help prevent acne problems and the polyphenolic acids can help counter the damaging effects of the sun. So if you’re looking to not only feel great but also look great? You know what to do.

 2. Immunity

The antibacterial properties of true EVOO will help protect your body from bacteria and virus attacks. Just two or three tablespoons per day can boost your immune system.

3. Stimulating Hair Growth

Next to herbs and natural botanicals almost half of the stimulating hair products contain olive oil. With its richness in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, EVOO seems essential for great looking hair. Consuming it seems to give you the benefits your looking for but we’ve received stories from Neolea fans that they even used it to massage their scalp and hair and had great results!

4. A healthy heart

One of EVOOs strongest superpower is probably its ability to control LDL cholesterol levels and the increase of HDL levels. Omega 6 and Omega 3, fatty acids present in EVOO, improve cardiovascular health. The high levels of phenolic acid naturally present help reduce the risk of heart diseases. Some studies have even shown it reduces blood pressure after regular consumption of true extra virgin olive oil.

5. Better brain function

Vitamine E and K are vital for your brain while vitamin E supports a good memory and can even reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease. Vitamine K is mostly found in green leafy vegetables. Not a fan? Get your K’s by consuming enough EVOO and you’ll be all set for a fast working brain.

The list of health benefits could literally go on and on but this blog post unfortunately cannot. Throughout this post you’ve probably noticed us explicitly using the term extra virgin and even TRUE, extra virgin olive oil. If you’re one of the millions of people that consume olive oil for its health benefits, please make sure you pay attention to getting the best and most fresh quality EVOO you can find as it is the only type of olive oil that can offer you any of the benefits we’ve mentioned in this post.

Because paying that much attention to detail when choosing your EVOO perhaps doesn’t fit in your busy life, you can trust us at Neolea to do it for you by bottling only the finest and freshest quality olive oil there is!

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