Meet our founder - Bart

For those who don’t know me, my name is Bart Jan Manten and 4 years ago, I founded the Neolea brand. If you ask me, we produce the world’s best extra virgin olive. But that’s just our product, our goal is to inspire you to enjoy life more or as we say:


‘love more, live better and get more taste out of life’.



To inspire someone, you have to be inspired yourself which I think is like a conversation between people and that is exactly that conversation that I would like to have with you. So here is us starting the conversation with blog No.1.

When I go out and meet people that want to know more about our product, I have learned that my story and how the Neolea brand was founded is almost as important as the product itself. This is why I would like to tell you that story as well. When I relocated from Netherlands to Corfu Greece at the age of 26, it wasn’t hard to get inspired by millions of olive trees around this magical island. It was pure love for life that brought me here, as people simply know how to enjoy life better. My first winter came and I witnessed my first olive harvest. Having tried that olive oil, I remember thinking two things the first being; ‘WOW’ and the second: ‘What have I been eating all these years in the Netherlands?’ I quickly learned that this quality extra virgin olive oil is hardly ever being bottled 100% pure but mostly used to breath a 10% life into otherwise fairly dead, old harvest bad quality olive oil in order to keep the price low.

I strongly felt the need to right this wrong, honoring the divine taste and power of this beautiful product and more importantly, share that ‘wow’ sensation I had experienced with you! In order to step into this somewhat sleeping market where everything had tasted and looked the same for 30 years, we had to redesign and rethink olive oil. Under the working title of ‘modern authenticity’ we set out to find the best producers, embrace the most modern techniques and create a unique packaging. The Mediterranean has always set the benchmark when it comes to inspiring through design. Just think about the architecture, the iconic Vespa and art. This inspired us to create a packaging that does not only honor and protect its contents but also lets you know that you just bought a very high quality product that we hope in return will inspire you to #getmoretaste out of life.

4 years later we are developing new unique products and Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is being sold in more than 8 countries and it’s being embraced by food professionals, food lovers and most importantly lovers of life!