Meet Louiza!

Louiza is our Operations Manager and has worked for Neolea for almost three years now. She is based in our office in Corfu, Greece and is taking care of all our logistic and production matters to make sure that our olive oil is produced with the highest quality. Her tasks range from choosing the right packaging, the best suppliers and right transport parties so our orders are ready to be shipped to you.  

In order to give you a better impression, we had a small Q&A session with her about her work, hobbies and favourite recipe.

What do you like about working at Neolea?

While working in the financial sector for a couple of years, I just wasn’t feeling so happy with my daily responsibilities. That's why I decided to search for something more exciting and then I found Neolea. Neolea was the reason for me to move to Corfu island after 8 years living in a big city – which was Thessaloniki.

Being the Operations Manager of Neolea gives me the opportunity to be creative and at the same time to use all of my best skills, which are organization, administration & risk management. Working in a startup company is an everyday challenging job with many responsibilities and this is what I love the most about Neolea.

What do you enjoy doing when we are not able to find you at Neolea?

The lovely Greek weather is my best company for walks around Corfu island. There is no better way to let go of the daily stress. The sun, the sea & the beautiful Venetian architecture of Corfu town are the best ingredients of our Mediterranean lifestyle and I try to find one hour daily to walk around Corfu old town.

We know that you consider yourself as a real foodie, what recipe could you eat every day?

Coming from Greece, Feta is at the heart of our Mediterranean diet. Real Greek Feta is so delicious and different from other ones that I have tried in the last years. I love to make a feta dip salad to serve with different meals. For me this recipe is extremely nice, as I can combine it really easily with other meals. It only includes a few steps to prepare it:

Best feta dip recipe

  1. Put the feta and the yogurt to a food processor, add 2 table spoons of Neolea, the lemon zest, the fresh oregano and freshly ground pepper. Blend until the mixture resembles a dip.

  2. Transfer the feta dip salad into a bowl and drizzle generously with Neolea olive oil on top & fresh oregano. Serve with toasted multigrain bread and cherry tomatoes.

Tip: This feta dip salad is a perfect combination with grilled meats.